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Intermodal transport, fundamental resource for logistics and society

During the coronavirus emergency, intermodal transport is turning out to be one of the safest transport system for logistics. Goods are carried by rail over long distances across Europe, while last mile transportation is performed by local drivers around the terminals, with practically no direct personal contacts.


Hupac Group has taken strict measures to protect its terminals and to guarantee operational continuity of its network. Right from the beginning of the emergency in northern Italy, we have introduced processes that enable contactless terminal management, especially in our large transhipment facility of Busto Arsizio-Gallarate, as well as in the terminals of Piacenza and Pordenone. We are now implementing these measures in all our terminals.


While the coronavirus emergency is spreading all over Europe, Hupac is ready to share its experience of “Contactless terminal management” with its terminal partners in Europe. The aim is to protect the health of employees, customers and partners, and to safeguard intermodal transport as an essential component for the functioning of the society.


Terminal are being kept safe through strict measures. We urge politics and institutions to recognize intermodal transport as a strategic resource in this crisis, and to foresee additional measures to keep terminals running even in case of a deterioration of the situation, such as safe traffic corridors under the supervision of civil protection forces etc.