Videomessage of Paola De Micheli, Italian Transport Minister


Paola De Micheli, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport: "Thanks to all truck drivers and logistics operators, we will guarantee your safety".


I would like to thank the truck drivers who are working and struggling so hard at the moment for all the problems around. I would like to thank all logistics operators. These are very complicated days.

We are working to build a system of procedures and ensure that you can work in maximum safety. In the next few hours, the companies you are working for will be in a position to guarantee this safety.

I want to thank you because if you do not continue with this dedication to work in this way, the country will come to a complete standstill, people could not have essential goods, we could not supply the hospitals. And so I believe that the minister of a city as affected as Piacenza has a duty to give you the testimony of the greatest gratitude.