Technical support


All road vehicles used for intermodal transport must be certified for rail transportation. On request, Hupac codifies the vehicles with the rail company to guarantee the compatibility between vehicles and rail cars for the selected itinerary.


Investements in vehicles

Customers who are planning to design specific vehicles for combined transportation may contact Hupac and request its technical support for the coordination with the vehicle manufacturer.


Load securing

Transportation by rail requires special precautions regarding the storing of the goods inside the vehicles and the fixing of the hoods. Hupac provides clear instructions.



As of 30 June 2014, all semitrailers and swap bodies have to be equipped with the new ILU-code. The management of the orders for semi-trailers and swap bodies is carried out by the UIRR operators only with the ILU-code. If you have not registered yet for the ILU-code, please proceed as soon as possible through the website Experience has shown that marking the entire loading unit fleet, in particular, can take some considerable time