Technical support for vehicles


To access intermodal transport, vehicles must be certified for rail transport. On behalf of the customer, Hupac codifies vehicles, ensuring compatibility between vehicles and wagons on the desired traffic route.



Since 2011, a single identification system for intermodal loading units has been in place. Containers, swap bodies and semi-trailers must have an ILU or BIC code to be accepted in unaccompanied combined transport in Europe.


The European ILU code is defined in standard EN 13044. It is used to identify non-ILU containers, swap bodies and semi-trailers in combined transport in Europe. The BIC code is a similar identifier defined in ISO 6346, which is primarily intended to identify ISO containers.


The ILU code can be requested via Our technical service is available for further clarification.


Investments in vehicles

If the customer plans to build specific vehicles for combined transport, our technical support service is available to provide technical advice and coordination with the manufacturer.


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