Switzerland-Italy collaboration: after the Ceneri comes the Simplon


Hupac thanks its partners in Italy

After completion of the construction works on the Ceneri Base Tunnel, a new initiative is immediately launched to make the Rotterdam-Genoa freight corridor even more efficient.

In September 2020, an agreement was signed between Switzerland and Italy for a series of works on the Lötschberg-Simplon axis, in which Italy undertakes to carry out works on the line to allow, by 2028, the uninterrupted transit of 4-metre profile semitrailers to the large transhipment terminals in the north of the country.

Hupac thanks its Italian partners - in particular the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, RFI and the entire FS Group, as well as trade associations and railway companies - for their great commitment and valuable support in the timely implementation of the upgrading works along the Rotterdam-Genoa corridor.