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Moving together 


The strategy of Hupac is based on strengths that have been built up over many years. The core elements are the demand-oriented development of a network for combined transport, independence from the railways and investments in own resources such as rail wagons, terminals and information technology.

Hupac’s target for the strategy period 2022-2026 is an annual volume increase of 7%. With a forecast economic growth of 2%, this will achieve a real shift of freight traffic from road to rail.

By 2026, Hupac aims to reach a traffic volume of 1.6 million road consignments, which corresponds to an increase of 40% compared to 2021. To achieve this goal, the Board of Directors has approved an investment programme of CHF 300 million.

Strategy 2026 in figures


Modal shift

1.6 million trucks transported by rail



CHF 300 million with focus on terminals, digitalisation, rail cars


Terminal capacity

1.3 million loading units in 7 new significant plants or expansions



90% punctuality by 2026




Modal shift: target 2026
Road consignments in the Hupac Group network

Competitive solutions for modal shift 


Stabilise the core business and exploit growth potentials – these are the guidelines of the Strategy 2026. The background is the upcoming expiry of operating subsidies for combined transport in Alpine transit through Switzerland. With the commissioning of AlpTransit, productivity advantages can be gradually exploited, such as more payload per locomotive, longer trains, shorter journey times. The core task for the 2022-2026 strategy period is to consistently integrate these factors into existing transport concepts.


In addition, the growth potentials arising in other areas of Europe should continue to be exploited. These include the axes of south-east, south-west and north-east Europe as well as new market segments such as maritime hinterland transport.


The optimisation of processes and the intelligent use of resources such as rail wagons and terminals are further fields of action. The central challenge is the efficient management of the network and the achievement of a quality level in line with requirements in a market that is characterised by capacity bottlenecks in certain phases as demand increases. Flexibility, digital intelligence and close cooperation with partners are the basic prerequisites for performance and customer satisfaction.

Strategic priorities

  • Quality leadership in European intermodal markets
  • Investments in market expansion and partnerships for modal shift
  • Digital transformation of our offerings and driving of sector standards
  • Attract talents and develop diversity for growth
  • Political advocacy to improve modal shift conditions and grow capacity.


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