Strategic priorities

Achieve over-proportional volume growth and shift freight traffic to rail

Strengthen and expand the European network
The focus is on strengthening the core business on the north-south axis and expanding the network to axes with great growth potential such as southeast, southwest and northeast Europe. In the maritime sector, Hupac aims to connect the network to the Italian ports and to link up with the ERS Railways network from the ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Rotterdam.

Aim for quality leadership
Hupac seeks to noticeably raise the quality level of combined transport in cooperation with its rail partners through intelligent resource management and the transparent flow of data. The goal is a 90% punctuality rate of train arrivals at the terminal.

Strengthen rail production with partners and on own initiative
Hupac is taking an active role to strengthen the production of freight transport on the Europe an rail network. Central elements are the commitment to open markets, the own planning of service packages and the initiatives to increase performance together with the railway partners.


Develop the wagon fleet and operate it efficiently
Hupac owns one of the largest private wagon fleets for combined transport in Europe. By increasing mileage, further developing maintenance concepts and  procuring new wagons, the resources for the targeted transport growth are secured.

Expand the footprint in the terminal area
in line with demand
Efficient terminals are the basic prerequisite for shifting freight transport from road to rail. Hupac invests in terminals under its own management or with partners  in order to provide the necessary capacities in growth markets.

Improve processes and optimise structures
The targeted growth requires more automation and group-wide integration. With agile teams and supporting IT, Hupac frees up resources and increases the company’s productivity.

Be successful with data and digitalisation
With digital technologies, cutting-edge analytics and artificial intelligence, Hupac is driving innovation and improving efficiency. The focus is on data integration with customers and partners as well as forward planning and predictability in all areas of production.

Promote the performance potential of our employees
Hupac is making a cultural change so that employees can fully utilise their talent and energy. The goal is an organisation where people are inspired, curious and self-reliant. Young professionals are  systematically involved in decision-making processes and take responsibility. The strengths of the existing Hupac culture, such as high pragmatism, customer proximity, focus on good quality services and linking the cultures of northern and southern Europe, will continue to be upheld.