Digital services for pick-up and delivery of loading units

The U CHECK app supports customers and drivers at Terminal Busto Arsizio-Gallarate with a range of digital services, accessible from Apple and Android.


The services provided:

  • Access to information on the status of the loading unit such as departure, arrival, current position and ETP Estimated Time of Pick-up, based on user authorisations
  • Sharing of the driver's arrival time at the terminal
  • Digital shift management at counter for documentation and terminal access
  • Additional terminal information such as opening hours, scheduled and/or unscheduled closures, availability of services.
Scan the QR code to open the application


Start of construction at the Brwinów terminal: Hupac invests on the East-West axis

Construction work for a new Hupac transhipment terminal has started in Brwinów near Warsaw. The project aims at enabling an efficient exchange of goods in central and eastern Europe, thus facilitating intermodal transport between China/Russia and Europe by rail.


The terminal project extends on an area of nearly 14 hectares. It comprises a storage yard of 42,000 m2, four transhipment tracks with a minimum length of 750 m, and administrative facilities. The containers will be operated by reachstackers.


In a second phase, three more transhipment tracks will be added, as well as high performance gantry cranes. The maximum capacity of the facility is limited to 180,000 intermodal units per year.


After the completion of the construction works, the terminal will offer rail/road transhipment of intermodal loading units as well as additional services such as storage, warehousing and last-mile trucking. Handover to operations is scheduled for Q3 2022.