Special party, special period: Thank you Beni!


How to organise a party in times of coronavirus with half of the employees in the home office, with rules of distancing and mask obligation?


On Tuesday 16.6.2020  we have organized a surprise party for Beni Kunz. He will remain active in the company as a member of the Board of Directors, while on 12.6.2020 he officially "passed the baton" to Michail Stahlhut as the new CEO of the Hupac Group.

To properly celebrate this important moment, we have created a "widespread" party throughout the Chiasso building, reaching also colleagues in home office thanks to our video-conferencing tools.

Today we want to share this special party - in the hope of being able to meet soon again and experience "the WE spirit of the Hupac Group" live. Watch our video!