Shuttle Net

Extensive network, frequent departures

Shuttle Net is the high-performance intermodal network operated by the Swiss subsidiary Hupac Intermodal. We connect all major economic regions of Europe and offer logistic service providers a high quality service:

  • direct terminal-to-terminal connections
  • railcars for all types of loading units
  • departures daily and several times per day, according to fixed timetables
  • centrally located terminals to ensure optimal transport logistics.

Reliable service

You book and deliver your loading units – we do the rest: from train scheduling to capacity management, from traffic control to event management 24/7. Our roactive teams provide reliable information in case of disruptions and take action to maintain the service.


Crossing the Alps with P400 semi-trailers

Thanks to the new base tunnels through the Swiss Alps, Hupac’s transalpine network is now fully compatible with the P400 profile for semi-trailers between northern Europe and Italy. Our network comprises many onward connections to south Italy – also for P400 semi-trailers.


Intermodal transport on the east-west axis

Take the Shuttle Net for your shipments from Benelux and Germany to the east: we offer numerous destinations in eastern and southeastern Europe, with onward connections to the emerging markets of Russia and Asia.

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