Shuttle Net Europe

Extensive network, frequent departures
Shuttle Net is the high-performance intermodal network managed by the Swiss branch Hupac Intermodal. We connect all major economic regions of Europe and offer a high quality service to logistic service providers:

  •  direct terminal-to-terminal connections
  •  railcars for all types of loading units
  •  departures daily and several times per day, according to fixed timetable
  •  centrally located terminals to ensure optimal transport logistics.

Reliable service
You book and deliver your loading units – we do the rest: from train scheduling to capacity management, from traffic control to event management 24/7. Our proactive teams provide reliable information in case of disruptions and take action to maintain the service.

Megatrailers crossing the Alps
Your P400 semitrailers can easily cross the Alps by train. The Hupac Shuttle Net comprises around 100 shuttle trains per week on the 4-meter-corridors via Lötschberg and Brenner, connecting the main economic areas north and south of the Alps.

Intermodal service on the east-west axis
Take the Shuttle Net for your shipments from Benelux and Germany to the east: we offer numerous destinations in eastern and south-eastern Europe, with onward connections to the emerging markets of Russia and Asia.


Connections and teams

For each intermodal connection, a dedicated team is at your disposal. Concept, planning, bookings, traffic monitoring, administration: we take care of all aspects and look forward to ship your units.




Deputy CEO
Hupac Intermodal SA
Viale R. Manzoni 6
CH-6830 Chiasso
+41 58 8558100
Director Production & Dispatching
Hupac Intermodal SA
Viale R. Manzoni 6
CH-6830 Chiasso
+41 58 8558040
Director Company Shuttle and
Director Shuttle Net South-East
Hupac Intermodal AG
Bruggerstrasse 37
CH-5400 Baden
+41 58 8558080
Business Manager
Hupac Intermodal SA
Viale R. Manzoni 6
CH-6830 Chiasso
+41 58 8558106