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We connect Europe

Combined transport connects Europe with its cities, industries and seaports. Our network covers the whole continent with daily trains between centrally located terminals. Focal points are the economic areas of Rhein/Ruhr, Rhein/Main and north Italy, as well as the large ports in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. From there, dozens of trains connect peripheral and emerging markets such as Spain, Scandinavia, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, south-east Europe, Turkey and the Far East.


Strong organisation

Based in Switzerland and with local teams all over the network, we ensure outstanding services for our customers:

  • quick time-to-market for new connections
  • strong partnership with customers and suppliers
  • future oriented growth and investment strategy.

Expanding services

Our services follow transport flows and market demand. We add connections and offer solutions for your growing transport requirements. In additions, our customers benefit from a large number of complementary services, such as real-time tracking & tracing, data integration, technical assistance, warehouse logistics and much more.

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