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Terminal Antwerp

The Terminal Antwerp, located in Northern Belgium and inaugurated in 2010, is an important hub in today’s European intermodal network. The city of Antwerp, thanks to its strategic location, is indeed one of the most important intersection points for the European freight transport with high traffic volumes both in maritime and in continental transport. Thanks to this terminal and its intermodal services, the high traffic volume can be managed ensuring advantages for the environment, the people and the economy.


The terminal is situated in the port area of Antwerp and is directly connected to the shunting station of Oorderen. The Terminal Antwerp offers daily connections to Switzerland and Italy.


UIC code of the rail connection point: 88 24920 1


Surface 53,000 m2
Storage surface                 16,000 m2
Crane module 1
Gantry cranes 3
Max. crane capacity 40 t

Type of units

Containers from 20' to 45'

Swap bodies

Transhipment tracks 5 x 620 m
Services Internal customs office
Toilettes for drivers
Max. capacity 10 train pairs per day
Slot availability


Terminal Antwerp

Hupac Intermodal BVBA

Muisbroeklaan Kaai 468
B-2030 Antwerpen
Tel. +32 3 5441302

Operations Director
Hupac Intermodal BVBA
Muisbroeklaan, Kaai 468
B-2030 Antwerpen
+32 3 5417269