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After a relatively calm summer 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic is back and spreads with renewed speed all over Europe.  In order to protect our staff, our customers and partners, the Hupac Group confirms the preventive measures that have been set up earlier and adopts the following guidelines for the COVID-19 second wave.


Personal protection

  • We wear masks.
  • We keep physical distance.
  • We ensure personal hygiene: frequent hand washing, ventilation of rooms, surface cleaning.
  • We reduce contacts and keep a high level of attention: at work, at home, at leisure time.
  • We support the use of contact tracing apps.
  • In case of symptoms, we inform our superior and stay at home.


In the office

  • We implement home office to an extent of 50-75%, wherever this is possible.
  • We limit the access of external visitors to our offices.
  • We reduce physical meetings and journeys, which need to be approved by the local
    top manager.
  • We respect workstation spacing as well as restricted access to gathering places such as break rooms, meeting rooms, dressing rooms.


On the terminal

  • We support paperless operations and contactless processes.
  • We make sure that the access to the counters is regulated with safe distance, and
    provide disinfection materials for drivers.
  • We ban direct interaction between people during transshipment of loading units.


Compliant and over-compliant 

  • We observe local regulations.
  • We adopt effective measures, additionally to those foreseen by the competent authorities.
  • We report the non-observance of the rules to our superiors.


Stay safe everybody!

October 2020


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