Final sprint for the construction of the Hupac Terminal Brwinów


New capacity for intermodal transport

Just a few more weeks to go – and then the construction of the new Hupac terminal in Poland will be completed. Diana Batko, head of the Hupac Terminal Brwinów subsidiary, is proud to give a preview.


The terminal is located in the immediate vicinity of the railway route from Warsaw towards Żyrardów and Skierniewice, some 15 km southwest of Warsaw. It extends on an area of 14 hectares and comprises a transhipment yard of 42,000 m2, four loading tracks with a minimum length of 750 m, office facilities and technical buildings.


Batko: “The terminal project is developed with a step-by-step approach. In a first phase, the loading units will be handled by reach-stackers. In a second phase, three more transhipment tracks will be added, as well as high performance gantry cranes”. The maximum capacity of the facility is 180,000 intermodal units per year.


Construction works will be completed by August 2022, while the operational start of the transhipment activity is planned for autumn 2022. The terminal will perform the transhipment of containers from road to rail and vice-versa for all types of intermodal units, including chemical products.