Digital transformation

Digitalisation offers enormous opportunities to enhance the competitiveness of intermodal transport. Capacity management supply chain transparency, efficiency gains from new technologies and interaction with customers: these are crucial keywords on the Hupac Group's digitalisation agenda.


Hupac implements its digitalisation strategy with a “two-speed IT”. Working in parallel with the existing IT department, a dedicated team of business analysts and specialists from the various divisions of the company operates to enable the speedy and agile introduction of new concepts and tools. So, Hupac will ensure maintenance and consistent ongoing development of the existing IT systems as well as the implementation of new customer-centric solutions.

OCR gate automation

Over the coming years, Hupac will equip its terminals with OCR portals so as to support automation of the check-in/check-out processes. Equipped with cameras and specific optical character recognition (OCR) software, these portals can read and store information about incoming load units, trains and trucks. The first two portals to monitor incoming and outgoing trains were installed at the Busto Arsizio-Gallarate terminal. After a test phase lasting several months, the system started operation. The further use of OCR gates in the Busto Arsizio-Gallarate terminal allows for a better utiliza­tion of the facility. The handling time per train is reduced by an average of 20 minutes. This generates a capacity increase of the terminal of 10%. +info


WOLF Web Oriented Logistic Platform

WOLF is the software platform that will gradually replace the Goal software. WOLF is web-based and device-independent. The customer module was developed and activated and it integrates customer-side processes such as bookings and tracking & tracing, and it also offers numerous additional functions such as driver authorisations, archiving of loading schemes and statistics. The TMS (Transport Management System) module was developed and launched to handle the door-to-door business in maritime transport and traffic to and from China. Additional modules that are currently in the development phase focus on terminal and fleet management. +info


An important module of the WOLF Platform is the Hupac Train Radar. Thanks to the Hupac Train Radar, our customers have access to the real-time data, such as: accurate location of all Hupac trains, arrival and departure from predefined points of interest and customized notifications. +info

SPEAK capacity management system

Hupac's digital strategy includes the introduction of an innovative capacity management system based on algorithms. The goals are an optimised network, an efficient planning process and improved utilisation of capacity with new customer services. The first phase of the project aims to optimise planning of wagon rotation on the basis of the circulation plan. After a test and training phase lasting several months, this module was introduced at the start of 2018. The objective for the second phase is demand-oriented optimisation of train loading. Go-live of the capacity management module has been done at the beginning of 2019 and a first set of trains is already planned with the new algorithm.


ETA/ETP projects: Estimated Time of Arrival/of Pick-up

Hupac is making targeted investments to develop IT systems that will monitor train movements and provide information for customers. The objective is to exchange reliable information as early as possible with partners in the logistics chain regarding the status of trains and their expected arrival times. Close collaboration with rail partners has already yielded some initial improvements. Hupac participates proactively in pilot projects within the sector aimed at achieving rapid success as regards the transparency and quality of information on train movements.


Intelligent wagons with sensors

The agenda also includes solutions for asset visibility, rolling stock monitoring and process optimisation. Hupac is actively working on IoT and Big Data projects to optimize the fleet related business processes. In addition to installing GPS units in approx. 1000 wagons for better train tracking throughout Europe, 250 wagons have been equipped with RFID chips.

In the future, all wagons will be fitted with sensors to increase safety and enable predictive maintenance.


Data integration with Ediges

Many customers and partners already exchange their data with Hupac via XML using the Ediges (Electronic Data Interchange Goal with External Partners). Several of the main rail partners are integrated – a milestone for the information flow in intermodal transport. The objective is to be able to increase the number of partners using Ediges, to simplify the business processes, increase the quality of the data, and also reduce the costs. +info


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