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Customer platform

The WOLF intermodal platform manages the whole lifecycle of intermodal transport with full integration of all involved actors.
  • Hupac customers and partners have easy access to digital tools for point-to-point transportation by rail, sea and road.
  • The platform integrates data of logistics service providers, intermodal operators, terminals and railcars.
  • WOLF is based on modern technologies with native support for multi-device (desktop and mobile).
Hupac constantly develops the WOLF platform and introduces innovative services for customers and partners.


all services for customers

Supply chain information system

DXI is the new European data hub for machine-to-machine data exchange in intermodal transport. Based on the EDIGES meta-language, the DXI platform covers the whole spectrum of intermodal transport from the logistics service provider to the railway undertaking.


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Supply chain information system

CESAR is the European platform for information exchange between intermodal operators and their customers. CESAR provides a standardised industry interface, created and maintained by European intermodal operators.


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Train Radar

The Train Radar provides access to real-time data, such as accurate location of all Hupac trains, schedule adherence, arrival and departure from predefined points, and customized notifications.


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Estimated time of arrival & pick-up

Hupac develops software and algorithms that allow to monitor train movements and calculate estimated arrival times. The objective is to exchange reliable information as early as possible with the partners in the logistics chain. Hupac participates proactively in pilot projects within the sector aimed at achieving rapid success in transparency and quality of information on train movements.

Mobile services for drivers

U CHECK is an innovative information service that enables drivers to optimise pre- and on-carriages from/to the terminals. Used by more than 70% of drivers at Busto Arsizio-Gallarate terminal, the app allows to access information about the status of the unit, to share the driver’s arrival time at the terminal, and to manage the shift at the counter - directly via smart phone.


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OCR terminal automation

Hupac equips its terminals with OCR portals so as to support the automation of the check-in/check-out process. Thanks to cameras and specific OCR optical character recognition software, the portals read and store information about incoming and outgoing loading units, trains and trucks.


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Smart wagons with sensors

Hupac is actively working on IoT and big data projects to optimize the processes related to its wagon fleet.
  • GPS units have been installed on approx. 1000 wagons for better train tracking throughout Europe.
  • All wagons are being fitted with sensors in order to increase safety and enable predictive maintenance.
  • Advanced analytics projects are being implemented with machine learning and big data technologies.

Capacity management

Algorithms are helping Hupac to better manage the capacity of its network. The SPEAK system supports the efficient planning of wagon rotations and allows a demand-oriented optimisation of train loading.

Data integration

EDIGES is the new standard for data exchange in combined transport. Introduces by Hupac in 2005, the system is now further developed by a consortium under the UIRR umbrella.
EDIGES is an easy-to-implement set of standard messages. It allows real-time & automatic data exchange between the different parties involved in an intermodal transport chain, such as transport companies, intermodal operators, railway undertakings and terminals.
  • The vast majority of the terminal in the Hupac network have switched to EDIGES.
  • More than 9 million EDIGES data are exchanged per year in the Hupac network.
  • 60% of Hupac bookings are processed via EDIGES.


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