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Accident in Busto Arsizio: Hupac is not involved

At the accident with emission of irritants, which occurred on 13.03.2014 in the vicinity of the terminal Busto Arsizio, Hupac is not involved. The affected cistern had already completed the transportation by train and had been handed over to the owner to continue the journey on the road. The transport company had parked the tank in a rented depot at Fidia SpA Magazzini Generali.  Fidia, a company of the Hupac Group, is not involved in the activities within the depot.

Hupac acknowledges the effective event management on the part of institutions and emergency forces. The terminal, which is located in close proximity to the accident location, was able to continue its work as usual. The approximately two hundred Hupac collaborators of the area have suffered no damage. "Fortunately, the emergency could be resolved quickly," said Roberto Paciaroni, director of Fidia SpA, "we have received confirmation of the effectiveness of our emergency management system in close cooperation with the public emergency services."