Short term improvements and immediate start of error analysis

Hupac fully supports the requests of the Open letter signed by 24 associations of European rain logistics: 

  1. Establishment of a task force at ministerial and/or EU level with crisis competencies, including the infrastructure managers.
  2. Support to the railway undertakings to perform short-term reinforcement of the driver pool on the diversion lines via Brenner, France, Stuttgart-Singen-Schaffhausen area by releases in favour of freight traffic: by this measure the diversion capacity can be increased from 20% today to 50-60% within 2-3 days.
  3. Simplified operating procedures on the re-routing lines, with the coordination of ERA European Union Agency for Railways.
  4.  Examination of exceptional, temporary measures to support the freight companies that are directly affected by the Rastatt interruption and that face severe existential problems.
  5. Implementation of a special commission for the short-term review of the largest and most serious freight traffic blockade in recent decades, including contingency plans, construction site planning, prioritisation of traffic etc. Rastatt must never happen again!


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