Terminal Chiasso

The Terminal Chiasso is located on the border with Italy. It is an important railway hub between Switzerland and Italy and is directly connected to the international station of Chiasso Smistamento.


The terminal offers road-rail transhipment services for the trains bound for northern Switzerland.


UIC code of the rail connection point: 85 05309 0

General information


Surface area7,000 m2
Storage surface                    400 m2
Mobile cranes1
Max. crane capacity40 t

Transported units

Containers from 20' to 45'

Swap bodies


Transhipment tracks1 x 300 m
Max. capacity 2 train pairs per day


Terminal Chiasso

Hupac Intermodal SA

Via Passeggiata

CH-6828 Balerna

Tel. +41 79 7789769

Fax +41 58 8558231




Opening hours