Terminal Basel Wolf

The Terminal Basel Wolf is an important Swiss intermodal yard located a few kilometres from the German and French borders and it is directly connected to the shunting station of Basel.


The terminal offers connections to Rotterdam and Antwerp, as well as Chiasso for the Swiss domestic transport. A high quality service allows fast and efficient transhipments.

General information


Surface area17,000 m2
Storage surface                    900 m2
Mobile gru3 (max. capacity 40 t)

Transported units

Containers 20'-45'

Swap bodies 20'-45'

Sidings2 x 400 m
Max. capacity 4 train pairs per day
Customs office 
Restrooms and break room 


Terminal Basel Wolf

Hupac Intermodal AG
Postfach 3202

CH-4002 Basel

Tel. +41 58 8558737

Fax +41 58 8558735





Opening hours

Lu-Ve    07:15-19:15

Hupac Intermodal SA
Viale R. Manzoni 6
CH-6830 Chiasso

T. +41 58 8558800
F. +41 58 8558801



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