Our common object

Safety is one of Hupac’s major priorities. The company aims at carrying out a safe and reliable transportation system, ensuring utmost safety in all its fields of activity.

The major risks lie in the terminals and along the railway routes. They can lead above all to accidents with possible damage to the loading units, the goods therein, the terminal and railway infrastructures, the environment as well as to injuries to people.

Hupac takes a series of measures and precautions to reduce these risks and to improve the safety level. To inform and sensitize the personnel, clients, partners and in general all the people involved in the execution of transport performances play a key role.


The main measures

Safety of goods

To ensure the utmost safety during rail transportation, it is essential to correctly store the goods inside the vehicles and firmly fix the hoods. Hupac provides detailed instructions and intervenes in case of need in order to guarantee maximum safety during transportation.


Dangerous goods

Hupac has put in place a centralised service specifically dedicated to this kind of transport, headed by a Dangerous Goods compliance advisor, appointed and trained according to the provisions of Directive 96/35/CE. This service deals with all aspects which ensure that traffic is carried out safely.


Terminal safety

The focus lies on the ongoing personnel training and the sensitization of terminal users regarding the rules of behaviour in force at the terminals.