Group companies

The Hupac Group consists of a total of 18 companies based in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Russia and China. Each company operates within its own well-defined remit in order to provide advanced solutions and contribute to the overall efficiency of the Group.


Hupac Ltd, Chiasso 
Hupac Intermodal Ltd, Chiasso 
Termi Ltd, Chiasso 
West Europe 
Hupac SpA, Busto Arsizio 
Hupac Intermodal Italia Srl, Busto Arsizio 
Fidia SpA, Milano 
Centro Intermodale SpA, Milano 
Terminal Piacenza Intermodale Srl, Piacenza 
Piacenza Intermodale Srl, Piacenza 
Termi SpA, Busto Arsizio 
Hupac Intermodal NV, Rotterdam 
Hupac Intermodal BVBA, Antwerp 
Hupac GmbH, Singen 
ERS Railways BV, Rotterdam 
East Europe & Far East 
Hupac Terminal Brwinów Sp. z o.o., Warszawa  
Hupac LLC, Moscow 
Intermodal Express LLC, Moscow 
Hupac International Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Shanghai 

Hupac Intermodal SA
Viale R. Manzoni 6
CH-6830 Chiasso

T. +41 58 8558800
F. +41 58 8558801



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