Opening of Ceneri Base Tunnel – NRLA completed


4.09.2020    President Simonetta Sommaruga officially opened the Ceneri Base Tunnel today alongside Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis and the president of the Ticino Cantonal Council, Norman Gobbi, thereby marking the completion of the New Rail Link through the Alps (NRLA) launched in 1992. A great achievement for Switzerland and European rail traffic.


Alessandro Valenti took part in a live interview for the Hupac Group this morning at the north portal of the Ceneri base tunnel (Camorino, Ticino). "A great opportunity for intermodal traffic. With the timetable change in December 2020, we will be able to run trains with a height of 4 m across the Gotthard to various terminals in Italy".


However, there are still deficits regarding the maximum train length on the Rotterdam-Genoa corridor. "In the northern part of the corridor there is a deficit of 50-60 m per train", says Valenti. "This is a considerable productivity gap. We hope that when implementing the 750 m network for freight trains, priority will be given to the Benelux/Germany-Switzerland high volume corridor".


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