Hupac Group network

Our service has no limits. As market leader in international combined transport, we operate a tight network with 110 trains every day for transportation in Europe up to Russia and the Far East. Our strong structure, backed by fifty years of experience, enables us to develop optimal services for our customers.


Shuttle Net Europe

The Shuttle Net Europe business unit operates a dense network for continental combined transport. The close interconnection and the high departure frequency create added value for customers.



Maritime Logistics

The Maritime Logistics business unit focuses on maritime hinterland transport. Under the ERS Railways brand, it provides supplementary services such as port shunting, local delivery and customs clearance.


Intermodal Russia

The Intermodal Russia business segment organises intermodal transport in Russia and the CIS countries. Own rolling stock for the Russian broad gauge guarantees reliability and independence.



Landbridge China

The Landbridge China business segment establishes connections between China and Hupac's European network. The focus is on sustainable growth.


Company Shuttle

The Company Shuttle business unit serves major customers who charter entire trains and thus secure capacity at attractive prices.