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New booking system: get priority for better planning



Hupac Intermodal is developing a new capacity planning process that allows to offer a better service level to the customers.

The aim is to allocate the customers' shipments to a specific train and to provide them with full and reliable information.

The new booking rules will be introduced in September 2019. They foresee three levels of priority:
1) Book and deliver early >> Get first priority for loading
2) Book later and deliver early >> Get second priority for loading
3) Book and deliver last minute >> Loading after all priority units.

For priority bookings, full information is required:
> Departure and arrival terminal
> Requested departure date
> Unit type, length, weight and code
> Estimated time of arrival at the departure terminal
With this new system, Hupac will be able to manage the priorities and allow the customers to better plan and steer the logistic flows.

Find out more in the attached flyer, and do not hesitate to get in touch for any further information you might require.