Migrants on freight trains: Hupac strengthens controls



The European problem of migrants also affects rail freight transport. The Hupac Group notes the increase in the phenomenon and therefore implements a number of measures in order to secure the safety of the traffic and of the migrants themselves.


Several times in recent months, terminal staff have found migrants, or traces of their passage, in the containers of incoming trains. After providing first aid to people - men, women, children and in some cases even newborns - Hupac employees promptly inform the authorities in order to take over the migrants.


The travel of migrants on freight trains is a major safety issue. People board trains that are stationary on the tracks outside the terminals. This represents a major risk both for the safety of the migrants and regarding the consequences that may result, such as disruption of the traffic, and damage to vehicles, goods and railway infrastructure. 


In order to guarantee the safety and regularity of transport, Hupac implements a series of measures relating to the road/rail transhipment processes, aimed at intercepting and containing similar phenomena. The measures concern in particular the intensification of controls inside the terminals, also making use of modern technological solutions such as portals with video cameras:


> The access to the terminals is strictly controlled by trained staff.

> Sophisticated video surveillance and anti-intrusion systems have been installed.

> In collaboration with supervisory institutions, perimeter patrols and constant surveillance services have been set up.

> Hupac cooperates closely with the railway companies and the authorities responsible for railway safety in order to identify the areas at risk and take countermeasures.

> Finally, Hupac actively participates in international working groups with the specific aim of reducing this phenomenon.


Hupac would like to thank the police, the rail safety authorities, the infrastructure managers, the railway companies and the customers for their excellent cooperation in curbing this migratory flow, which does not only affect the railway sector, but which certainly needs to find a rapid and effective political and social solution.