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2.10.2017 - Traffic via Rhine Valley line has been resumed
The Rhine Valley line via Rastatt has been reopened during the night, as foreseen. Hupac has re-implemented its ordinary train programme, but due to the intense re-routings of locos, wagons and staff on alternative routes over the last 7 weeks, it will take a certain time to bring the situation back to normal.

We have foreseen a number of measures aimed at restoring normality as quickly as possible:

  • Priority will be given to bringing the heavily delayed trains to their destination
  • On October 3rd, 2017 (German bank holiday) we will have a smooth reduction in the departure  of trains to/from Germany; this will help the process of recovering.
  • Emergency resources and additional trains will be kept in place for a certain period as a back-up  solution.
  • Customers are kindly requested to consider the still existing volume limitations and to quickly pick up their units, in order to avoid terminal congestion.  

The detailed programme for week 40 can be found on our website under the following link. We wish to thank our customers and partners for the excellent teamwork to overcome Europe's biggest rail freight crisis. Together we will work for a sustainable, reliable intermodal system: Rastatt must never happen again.

27.9.2017 - Preparing for the line reopening  
It's confirmed: the Rastatt-Basel line will reopen on 2 October 2017.
We have foreseen a number of measures aimed at restoring normality as quickly as possible:

  • Priority will be given to move heavy delayed trains to their destination
  • Some trains of 30.9. and 1.10. on alternative routes must be canceled, in order to reposition locos and wagon sets for a clean start on 2 October
  • German bank holiday on 3 October will "help" this process
  • Emergency resources will be kept in place for a certain period as a backup solution
  • Customers are requested to consider these capacity limitations in their bookings/deliveries and to pick up their shipments speedily, in order to avoid terminal congestion.

A detailled programm for the week 40 and corresponding capacity limitations will be communicated on 28 September 2017.

25.9.2017 - Emergency market offer covers 60% of normal volume
Six weeks after the total breakdown of the Rhine valley line, Hupac offers transport solutions for around 60% of its traffic affected by the Rastatt disruption. That's a big progress compared to the first weeks when only 15% of the volume could be managed, but operations are still largely unsatisfying. Despite the efforts in re-planning and continuous coordination of rail production, we still register many disruptions, scarce reliability and heavy delays in some cases. Train diversions via Germany, France and Austria have reached 38% of the normal capacity. Alternative rail routings via Basel and Singen as well as a barge service via the Rhine are in place.

18.9.2017 - Strike in France

French rail employees will go on strike from Wednesday 20.09, at 19:00, till Friday 22.09, at 08:00.

15.9.2017 - Railways deploy interpreters to overcome language obstacles
How to run trains via France when there is a lack of French speaking loco drivers? Our rail partners are deploying interpreters that accompany German speaking loco drivers on their trip via France and assure communication with the French speaking control center. That's a highly appreciated initiative during this Rastatt crisis, but it demonstrates the urgent need to overcome the language barriers of the railway sector.


14.9.2017 - Terminal Basel Wolf: additional capacity in the Basel region
Good news for intermodal logistics: our quadruplicated transport offer between Basel and Italy can count on additional terminal capacity. Thanks to special arrangements allowed by the Swiss customs authority, the Swiss terminal Basel Wolf can now be used for inter-EU traffic with a temporary, simplified customs procedure. We wish to thank the Swiss customs authority for their contribution to overcome the Rastatt crisis!


14.9.2017 - Rhine Valley Railway: Services to recommence on October 2

Rastatt nightmare will end 5 days earlier than foreseen. That's a clear and positive signal for European rail freight. Now let's stay fully engaged  to create as much transport capacity as possible until the line reopens on 2 October. Special thanks to our customers and partners!


13.9.2017 - New connection Rotterdam <=> Kornwestheim
As of 12th September we have started a new train between Rotterdam RSC and Kornwestheim terminal DUSS.

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12.9.2017 - Let's have a look at the picture!

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