Intermodal Russia

The Intermodal Russia business segment organises intermodal transport in Russia and the CIS countries. Own rolling stock for the Russian broad gauge guarantees reliability and independence.


Russia domestic traffic



West Europe


Baltic states


CIS countries










South Korea



PolandRussia / CIS countries (via Sestokai and Brest)
EuropeRussia/CIS countries
EuropeFar East (tank containers and ADR cargo)

Secialist for the Russian market
Our branch Intermodal Express specialises in intermodal transport in Russia and neighbouring countries. Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazachstan, Mongolia, South Korea, Japan are only some of the destinations that we offer for your logistics requirements.

We connect west Europe and Russia
Shipments between west Europe and Russia enjoy the perfect service of our regular shuttle trains. We activate different corridors for your shipments to Russia and the CIS countries: service via Sestokai (Lithuania), Malaszewicze/Brest (Belarus), Slawkow (via Ukraine), Budapest and Turkey. Our customers thus benefit from a great variety of choice and a reliable service.

Dedicated team in Moscow
Our dedicated team in Moscow is there to assist you in all phases of transportation. We take the bookings, organise logistics, follow the train run and solve problems in case of irregularities.


Own wagons, reliable service
Our fleet of railcars for the Russian 1520-mm wide gauge enables quick solutions and a flexible service: a decisive advantage in today’s logistic market.

Competitive transit time
Time matters. We constantly optimise operations and administration of our connections and can therefore offer competitive transit times:

Anversa - Mosca8 days
Anversa - Nizhny Novgorod9 days
Anversa - Karagandy18 days
Duisburg - Mosca8 days
Ludwigshafen - Mosca9 days
Ludwigshafen - Baku13 days
Ludwigshafen - Almaty16 days
Busto Arsizio - Mosca10 days
“Train Radar” for real-time tracking and ETA information

After several months of successful testing, the Hupac Train Radar is now available for our customers as part of our digital strategy. The tool, accessible on the WOLF platform, enables full supply chain visibility to all parties involved in a train run - a requirement strongly demanded by the market, especially in this phase of frequent irregularities on the rail network.


The Hupac Train Radar covers all trains running in the network of Hupac Intermodal. It offers fast and reliable information regarding the main questions of intermodal transport management:


“Where is my train?”
The Train Radar provides real-time train running information thanks to the data supplied by our railway partners or, where this is not the case, by GPS on-board-units that send messages to the system every 3 minutes.


“When can I pick up my unit?”
Even more relevant for customers is the information regarding the estimated time of unit pick-up (ETP) at the terminals. As of 2 January 2020, this service is active for Terminal Busto Arsizio-Gallarate. Implementation in other terminals is foreseen for the coming months.


Train Radar: one tool, different functions 

The Train Radar is accessible via web, smartphone or pad. It offers different smartphone-optimized apps to cover all information needs of our customers:

  • Train monitor – real-time train running information and estimated time of pick-up of units
  • Train app – real-time current position of running trains and delay information
  • Unit app – real-time check of unit status and location
  • Traffic events – latest traffic events on the rail infrastructure where Hupac trains are involved
  • CESAR – connection to the European track & trace platform.

Hupac supports supply chain visibility

Hupac is fully committed to supporting supply chain transparency. We actively participate in initiatives such as the ELETA project sponsored by the European Commission as well as other sector initiatives.


How to get the Train Radar

The Hupac Train Radar is accessible via the WOLF platform. Customers who are not registered yet, can log in via the Hupac website.


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