Intermodal Forum

7 weeks of unprecedented disruption of Europe’s main rail freight line: Rastatt has heavily impacted intermodal logistics between Benelux, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

Rastatt continues to be a challenge: let's make sure that a similar logistics breakdown will never happen again, that the many small and medium traffic disruptions are less damaging, and that intermodal transport becomes more stable and competitive.


The sector has already started the learning process and is reflecting on the following main points:

> Risk management and contingency plans with back-up routings
> Crisis management process
> International construction site management
> Operational corridor management
> Overcoming national barriers such as language, operating rules, etc.

Hupac will be organising a stakeholder forum with shippers, transport operators, railways and politics, as a platform for a constructive exchange of information and expectations.

Shaping the future of intermodal logistics
“Rastatt: never again”

> 6 December 2017, from 10.00 to 15.00 h
> Düsseldorf, Hyatt Regency Hotel