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Specialist for Russia
Our Moscow branch specialises in transport services in Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. With 220 railcars of our own for the Russian 1520-mm wide gauge, our independence, flexibility and reliability give us decisive competitive edge.


Just book your transfer on our dedicated railcars and enjoy a perfect service.


We connect west Europe and Russia

Shipments between Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy and Russia enjoy the perfect service of our regular shuttle trains. We activate different corridors for your shipments to Russia and the CIS countries: via Sestokai (Lithuania), Malaszewicze/Brest (Belarus), Slawkow (Ukraine) and Budapest. Our customers benefit from a great variety of choice and a reliable service.


Dedicated team in Moscow

Our dedicated team in Moscow is there to assist you in all phases of transportation. We take the bookings, organise logistics, follow the train run and solve problems in case of irregularities.


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