New system for the identification of loading units

On 01.07.2011 a new system, concerning the coding and identification of the loading units’ owner in combined transport, came into force. In accordance with the regulations EN 13044 a new unified system, the ILU-Code (Intermodal Loading Unit Code), was introduced for the labeling of semi-trailers and swap bodies.


Thanks to the ILU-Code the advantages of the BIC-Code, that was used for many years all over the world for ISO containers, are extended also to semi-trailers and swap bodies. Every owner of intermodal loading units gets an owner’s code (consisting of four letters), adds a six-digit numerical sequence according to his own criteria, completes it with a self-control figure that is automatically generated, and applies this code to his own loading units.


Advantages of the ILU-Code:

  • Thanks to the simple and univocal identification of the loading unit’s owner, it is possible to automate and speed up the procedures at the terminals, in the tracking & tracing and customs clearance, as well as to obtain high-quality data from booking to billing.
  • In case of change of the owner, the technical coding remains valid because the identification    of the ownership is separated from the yellow plate coding.
  • Compatibility with the systems of fleet management for containers with the BIC-code.

All semi-trailers and swap bodies have to be equipped with the new ILU-code. The management of the orders for semi-trailers and swap bodies is carried out by the UIRR operators only with the ILU-code. If you have not registered yet for the ILU-code, please proceed as soon as possible through the website Experience has shown that marking the entire loading unit fleet, in particular, can take some considerable time.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support service.