Together for the environment

From an environmental perspective, transport is a concrete problem. Logistics is facing up to this challenge. With the concept of Green Logistics, it is aiming for a complete transformation of logistics strategies, structures and systems in order to create environmentally sound and resource-efficient logistics processes. The target system of Green Logistics involves the creation of sustainable shareholder value through a balance between economical and ecological efficiency.

The issue of Green Logistics is going to be topical in the next years. There are plenty of reasons for this:


  • For many companies, CO2 emissions are already a significant cost factor and this is an upward trend.
  • Energy will become scarce and expensive in future. Saving energy reduces costs and emissions. On the issue of energy there is increasing awareness that environmental protection and efficiency are not contradictory goals.
  • There will also be an increase in regulatory interventions on environmental issues by the state in future.
  • Customers are becoming more environmentally aware and this trend will continue. Environmental protection is already an important competitive factor for many companies today.
  • In general, environmental issues create meaning and a sense of identification. They promote cohesion among the companies’ employees and society as a whole.

Rail freight transport is regarded as the preferred mode of transport for environmentally sound logistics processes. Combined transport has an important role to play here, as it allows the transportation of individual consignments bundled with other consignments, which can benefit from the advantages of rail without sacrificing the benefits of the road in terms of local distribution.

As a combined transport operator, Hupac regards it as its duty to provide transport and logistics companies with a reliable, market-driven rail transport network. Efficient operation of the network is the key challenge, as environmentally sound transport must not be more expensive or of lower quality than comparable options. Together with its partners – railways, terminal operating companies, partner operators, rolling stock manufacturers and maintenance companies – Hupac has campaigned for more than 50 years for the development of combined transport.