Goods not admitted for the transport


Combined and rail transport is suitable for the transport of numerous goods, subject to compliance with the rules laid down in the RID (rail) and ADR (road) regulations.

For RID, the following goods are not admitted (RID

  • explosive goods of class 1, compatibility group 1 (no. ONU 0074, 0113, 0114, 0129, 0130, 0135, 0224 and 0473)
  • self-reactive goods of class 4.1, for which is necessary the temperature control (from no. ONU 3231 to 3240)
  • polymerization goods of class 4.1, for which is required the temperature control (no. ONU 3533, 3534)
  • organic peroxide of class 5.2, for which is required the temperature control (from no. ONU 3111 to 3120)
  • sulphur trioxide of class 8, pure at least at 99.95%, which is transported in tank without inhibitor (class 8, UN 1829).

More generally, not all prohibited goods listed in Table A of the RID/ADR ch. 3.2 can be carried by rail.


In addition, the Hupac Group does not admitted the transport of a series of goods that are listed in the attached and downloadable list.


RID 2019 – Regulation for the rail transport of dangerous goods

ADR 2019 – Regulation for the road transport of dangerous goods

ADN 2019 - Regulation for the transport of dangerous goods by inland waterways

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