Dangerous goods

Safely underway

The transport of dangerous goods by rail is of great importance thanks to the safety and reliability of the railways as a means of transport but also thanks to the political will to support the shift in transport of such goods from road to rail.

Hupac has put in place a centralised service specifically dedicated to this kind of transport, headed by a Dangerous Goods compliance advisor, appointed and trained according to the provisions of Directive 96/35/CE. This service deals with all aspects which ensure that traffic is carried out safely. Its tasks include compliance with:

  • the regulations of ADR (road traffic), RID (rail traffic), IMDG (maritime traffic) and IATA (air traffic)
  • national laws
  • directives for customers and staff
  • contacts with the relevant offices
  • staff training
  • centralised database

The Dangerous Goods service also has the task of coordinating seamless cooperation between combined transport operators, customers, terminals and railway companies in order to handle and solve the whole range of problems.


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