Since 1995 Hupac's quality management system and since 1997 Hupac's environment management system have been certified and subsequently renewed according to ISO 9001 and respectively to ISO 14001 standards allowing Hupac to pursue and endorse transport development in conformity with increasingly strict quality standards. Hupac views quality as an obligation to improve services constantly and as a foundation for a relationship of mutual trust with its customers, partners and suppliers.

Hupac has obtained the ECM certification

Hupac holds the ECM certification for the maintenance of freight wagons according to the EU regulation 445/2011. The certificate is valid for five years and covers all aspects of the fleet management, which thus meets high demands with regard to quality and safety.


On the basis of the EU regulation 445/2011, published in May 2011, all freight wagon holders are obliged to establish an entity for the maintenance of freight wagons (ECM) and to submit it to mandatory certification no later than 31 May 2013.


As a pioneer, Hupac has already been certified as an ECM in 2010 in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding of Brussels, 2009.


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ECM Certificate

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