Calculate your CO2 savings – with just a few clicks

From now on, road hauliers will be able to calculate the CO2 savings they achieve by using Hupac's intermodal trains. With just a few clicks, the exact amount of CO2 avoided for the environment and the comparison with the emissions of all-road transport can be determined on the basis of the selected period and connections. Another couple of clicks and a personalized, immediately printable certificate documents the customer's eco-friendly choice.


The calculation of CO2 emissions is carried out by the EcoTransIT system, which allows to quantify the environmental impact of the various vectors on the basis of objective criteria. This is possible thanks to an intelligent input methodology, large amounts of geographical data and an elaborate basis of computation. The system performs an immediate comparison with road transportation and produces a certificate that can be directly downloaded and printed in PDF.


The service is accessible via WOLF, Hupac's new integrated platform that brings together all information and tools our customers need to manage their transports quickly and easily.


To access WOLF: