Book shipments from your smartphone? With WOLF you can!


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WOLF – the new Hupac app – lets you manage all phases of combined transport, from booking to collection, from tracking & tracing to info on any hiccups along the way.


WOLF can be accessed on any device (PC, smartphone and tablets) and using any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.).


WOLF, acronym of Web Oriented Logistics Framework, is the portal that gathers all the data and applications our customers need to manage their shipments in a simple and fast way. After registering and logging in, customers can:
> specify who, within their own organisation, shall access the various functions
> book shipments
> create standard forms for routine bookings
> access tracking & tracing tools
> view shipments at the terminal
> specify the driver authorised to collect a shipment from the Busto terminal
> view shipment statistics.


WOLF is a powerful platform for intermodal traffic and will replace Minosweb, the current booking system, by the 31 March 2018.

Data integration system Ediges remains unchanged.

In addition to basic customer service functions, WOLF also offers a series of additional functions, such as, for instance, a Hupac contacts address book and loading diagrams for each wagon types. There will also be many functions for Hupac’s partners (terminals, railway undertakings and wagon workshops) letting them manage traffic flows more easily.


Having already undergone an initial trial period over the last six months, WOLF is now ready to be fully launched for all our customers.


To start using WOLF:
> access
> request login and password


Online manuals are available to guide users each step of the way. Our WOLF Support team is, of course, happy to assist you should you have any problems.

> WOLF support,

> Michela Massa, Tel. +41 58 8558425,
> Stefano Colzani, Tel. +41 58 8558430,




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